Russia vs USA Predictions, Tips, Review, Stats, History ... Russia B vs USA : Home Win (5-2) 2.51 : Away Win | Loss : 10. The United States discarded its oft-misunderstood two war doctrine, intended as a template for providing the means to fight two regional wars simultaneously, late last decade. The technology of russia is overwhelming usa tech. America it would be hard to defeat china and Russia but some how America always manages to win probaly because America's weapons 100+ Answers. ... USA VS. RUSSIA HIGHLIGHTS. This is the only way America can win the new Cold War with Russia. It wouldn't be USA+EUROPE V RUSSIA+CHINA, ... Who would win in a war, europe vs Usa, china, and russia? :) Who would win in a war between Russia and the US? One thing is certain, if Russia did not have this military, she would have gone the way of Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, and Syria long ago. An example is vietnam. The upkeep of their T.J. Oshie leads USA to thrilling shootout win over Russia. If there were a war between USA,CHINA,and RUSSIA. I think China would win. Why is it the NHL and the NBA can send stars to play at the Olympics, but the major leagues cannot? Update Cancel. Read the pros and cons of the debate russia vs america in a war,russia will win U.S. vs Russia vs China: Military spending and manpower. How many wars have the US lost? Russia doesn't have the funding to put bases in every corner of the globe. (Nobody can use nukes) NATO and Warsaw Pact didn't exist either only United States and Russia USA vs Russia at war...WHO'D WIN? Quora User, I am an American. Assuming no nukes. Their weapons are old but very reliable. F-22 Raptor fighter jets would "alone be on the front lines of any US-Russian war", CNI explains, making the warplane a vital component of the US Moscow would have its hands full if the unthinkable ever occurred. Russia fields a formidable military that could match the combined forces of NATO and the US in a fight, at less than a tenth of the cost. China has numbers and economy on it's side. When answering this question please give me a good exsplaination of your answer of choice. Described as "essential", the B-2 stealth bomber also makes the cut, as the defence analysts say it would "almost certainly be an integral plan of any war between Russia and the United States". Nuclear war with Russia is still mutually assured destruction. 5 U.S. Usa lost because of russian weapons and vietcong were not as good as russian military,usa help build nato to protect itself from russia The U.S. spends more on its military than the rest of the world combined. ... Who would win USA vs. Russia (with and without nukes) Answer Questions. Here's a silly question. Russia has slightly more warheads overall about 8,500 but a slightly fewer 1,800 of them operational. Russia will not allow this and as such the USA will need ground troops in full scale battle. Russia and The United States have similarly matched military, even though when in comparison, Russia spends less than 10% on its military forces. We all know by statistics that the USA is stronger then Russia, but the USA is already in A war against terrorism. Russia and The United States have similarly matched military, even though when in comparison, Russia spends less than 10% on its military forces.